5 Methods to Develop Creative Thinking Abilities

Published: 29th April 2010
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Are you a person who doesn't consider yourself to be a "creative type?" If so, bannish that thought! In fact, we are all creative beings. Some of us just have to dig a bit deeper to find it. But rest assured it's there, within each of us, to put to good use.

Even the most creative and innovative people can struggle with creative block from time to time.

So what do you do when no ideas are flowing when you need them to? While there is no one way guaranteed to get creative ideas flowing, here are 5 easy ways to jump-start creativity.

* Keep a journal with you so you are ready to jot a quick note whenever an idea strikes. Creative ideas can be triggered by anything you may hear, see, or smell. Your senses are adept at stimulating creative thinking. Jot down ideas as they come to you and keep your thoughts available for easy future reference. You may also want to write down something that you have read or heard if it sparks a thought that might be further developed. Innovative ideas can come from anywhere - it's the enhancement or refinement of the original idea that makes it truly unique.

* Relax and take time to absorb your thoughts. A clear and relaxed mind is best for stimulating creative ideas and developing them further. It is important to clear excess "mind clutter" and stressful thoughts that too often consume much of our conscious thinking. Rather, the goal is to have a calm mental slate that stimulates creativity.

* Create a thinking space that helps establish an atmosphere for relaxation and creativity. This thinking place should make you feel calm and at peace so that creativity is unblocked and able to flow. For some, a sip of wine, certain types of music, or a specific scent in the air can make a difference in how easily creative ideas will flow. Creative ideas come most easily when your mind is relaxed and open to new ideas.

* Go on a mini-getaway or do something out of the ordinary. Take a hike on a beautiful day, go roller blading, take a scenic drive, relax by a rushing stream, or do whatever sounds appealing. By doing something totally outside of your typical routine, your mind opens itself to fresh ideas and creative ideas are more likely to flow.

* Use your time asleep productively and let your subconsious mind help you develop creative ideas. The mind continues to work subconsiously while we sleep. Take advantage. Before you fall asleep, concentrate on the creative solution you need. When you do drift off to sleep, your subconscious mind may produce some creative solutions. If you wake up with a solution or creative idea, have a pen and paper handy to jot down your thoughts. You would be amazed at the number of great ideas that are suddenly lost forever come light of day.

While everyone is different, one or more of these ideas is sure to help you stimulate your creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Who knows - combining several may bring out your true creative genius.


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